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Welcome back to the blog! It has been SO exciting to get to tell everyone about the new salon over the last few weeks. The more people I talk to, more and more I'm getting asked questions about how I actually found my space and what to expect in the new building so I'm here to break it down!

So, as I've said in my last blog, i started pondering a move at least a year ago, and I have kind of just kept myself open to whatever opportunities that may present themselves. I am not the type of stylist that likes to move around a lot, so finding the right opportunity was essential for me.

I first noticed the plaza about a year ago. It was right on the main road, but kind of tucked away. From where i was, i could see it had a couple small, modest buildings and I thought to myself if something like that opened up, it could be perfect for my Hair Studio.

So, i spent that year occasionally checking out different possible locations, at one point even working with a commercial realtor to find the right place. Nothing really seemed right and as time pressed on I decided to get through the rest of the year content where I'm at and then try to figure it out again in the New Year.

Fast Forward to November, I'm driving around town on a day off doing errands when i see a "for rent" sign posted in front of that same plaza. I pull over and call right away and luckily the owner was nearby and came to meet me right then. I noticed the building needed a little TLC, but it had good bones and I knew I could make something really special out of it. I felt like I was being hand delivered what I asked for, but at the same time it still somehow seemed spontaneous and i needed time to think about it. After speaking to my loved ones and crunching the numbers, I knew this was the opportunity I was waiting for and i negotiated the lease!

In the new building, I will still be working solo. You can expect the same commitment to great results, just with an upgraded, relaxing environment. The space provides for a cozy one chair salon with an emphasis on comfort and convenient parking right in front.

Its come a long way at this point. Floors, Plumbing, Electric, furnishing, cabinetry... I honestly cant believe I'm pulling this off, but its all coming together and I'm so excited to show and share the space with you all! Stay tuned: Sneak Peak pictures coming soon!

<3 Cheryl

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