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In a Post COVID-19 Salon

Hey there! It's been 7 weeks since our Mayor in Orlando gave the order for all non-essential businesses to close down. I worked until the last day and was so sad to do it, but I finally had to cancel appointments and shut shop. I was enjoying another leisurely day on Friday when my phone started buzzing like crazy and i didn't even have to look, I knew they gave the green light to open salons again!

There's so much talk online about what different states are doing as they open up and as I see different things trending online, I know everyone in FL is starting to wonder what life is going to look like for us as salons and other personal service businesses open up again. I've taken several courses during my "quarantine" to prepare to work in a post Covid salon, and now that they've released the new Salon requirements we have a clearer vision of what that will look like! Luckily, compared to some other states, while still being cautious, FL's requirements are slightly more lax. Lioness Hair Studio is a unique situation, being a single chair salon. We can remain a fair level of normalcy, since it's a one on one experience, but we will still see some changes occurring in the salon including:

- FL has mandated salon professionals to wear a mask while service is in process. There is no mandate for the client, so it's your choice if you'd like to wear a mask or not. If you do choose to wear a mask, it must be the kind that is worn behind the ears. We may need to move the mask out of position a bit to work on certain areas.

- For the time being, I ask that everyone come to their appointments alone (no children or guests), as per regulation.

- Please give me a call or text when you arrive. I will be thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting between each guest, so this will ensure the salon has already been sanitized before you enter.

- If you are not feeling well, have a fever or you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, PLEASE STAY HOME! This rule is for always.

My online booking has been going CRAZY. I am so grateful that you all are just as excited to come back! I am opening up extra days as needed, however, I have 7 weeks of missed appointments to catch up on, so please be patient with me, I will get everyone in as soon as possible, but in a way that keeps everyone's safety in mind.

If you have any questions about services or how things will be at Lioness Hair Studio going forward, please send me an email. My book is filling and I CANNOT wait to catch up with you all once again!! Until then, take care.


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